CineFocus Productions LLC was formed in January of 2017 by established producer/actor Matthew Grant Godbey and successful entrepreneur Herb Kimble. Located in Atwater Village in northeast Los Angeles, CineFocus is placed at the heart of the entertainment industry, where they continue to develop and produce award winning movies, episodic content and commercials from the conceptualization of an idea to delivery of the final product. CineFocus’ most recent work premiered in film festivals such as the LA Shorts Film Festival, Cinemalaya Film Festival and soon to include Marbella and Lousiville’s International film festivals. With a dynamic in-house team including writers, directors, producers, editors, etc.  CineFocus is dedicated to the art of filmmaking and bringing great ideas to life.





We're in the business of telling captivating stories visually. We're constantly looking for new material to develop and produce, whether it be a short film or independent feature.


Are you a business or brand looking for production services on your next commercial? CineFocus has the expertise and experience to create engaging creative content for multiple platforms. We'll work with you to bring your vision to life!


Branded content, digital media, industrial film, and more. No production is too big or too small at CineFocus! We work with you every step of the production process to deliver something you'll love.


5301 Exchange St.

Los Angeles, CA 90039



Tel: 818-900-0765

Fax: 818-900-2347


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